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Thyroid Science 6(6)CR1-7, 2011

Particularly Associated with Weight Loss:
Evaluation and Treatment based on
Symptoms and Thyroid Hormone Levels

(Full Text Free in pdf format)

Thomas Najarian, MD and Carol N. Rowsemitt, PhD, RN, FNP

Correspondence: Dr. Thomas Najarian, Incline Village, NV,
Correspondence: Dr. Carol Rowsemitt, San Luis Obispo, CA,

Abstract. Famine causes adaptive changes in thyroid function which helped individuals survive during times of low food availability. These changes in thyroid function and metabolism have become maladaptive as the induced hypothyroidism associated with intentional weight loss restricts the success of diet attempts and encourages weight regain. In our previous paper[1] we described the mechanisms and consequences behind maladaptive hypothyroidism associated with intentional weight loss. Here we give two specific patient examples of this syndrome and how the biochemical and clinical changes were managed for the clinical benefit of our patients. More broadly, we address the need to understand that there are limitations to our ability to detect every appropriate variable in any one patient, so that we do not overestimate the value of any particular lab reading in any one patient.

Keywords  Famine Weight loss Maladaptive hypothyroidism

Reference: 1. Rowsemitt, C.N. and Najarian, T.: TSH is Not the Answer: Rationale for a New Paradigm to Evaluate and Treat Hypothyroidism, Particularly Associated with Weight Loss. Thyroid Science, 6(6):H1-16, 2011.


Citation: Najarian, T. and Rosemitt, C.N.: Hypothyroidism, particularly associated with weight loss: Evaluation and treatment based on symptoms and thyroid hormone levels. Thyroid Science, 6(6)CR1-7, 2011.

Written responses to Dr. Najarian and Dr. Rowsemitt's two papers
published in Thyroid Science.

(Full Text Free in pdf format)

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