Editorials are listed on this page in reverse order of their publication. That is, the list begins with the latest editorials published in Thyroid Science. We have an open invitation to patients, clinicians, and researchers to submit editorials to the journal.


"TSH is Not the Answer,” report Dr. Carol Rowsemitt and Dr. Thomas Najarian: Their explanation and verification. Dr. John C. Lowe, 6(7): 1, 2011.

Making medicine a hard science: an introduction to Dr. Rabin Das' paper on maternal urinary iodine and maternal and neonatal thyroid status: Raising medicine to a high and precise science. Dr. John C. Lowe, Thyroid Science, 6(2):1-15, 2011.

Apology for statements from RLC Labs in study reports about Hypo Support Formula (HSF): Compliance with our policy of truth in thyroid science and thyroid clinical practice. Dr. John C. Lowe, Thyroid Science, April 26, 2010.

High Anti-thyroid Antibodies: Associated with Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes Even among Euthyroid Women. Dr. John C. Lowe. Thyroid Science, March 8, 2010.

Three New Papers Published Today. Dr. John C. Lowe. Thyroid Science, February 16, 2010.

Structural pathology in the muscles of subclinical hypothyroid patients: another call for early treatment. Dr. John C. Lowe. Thyroid Science, 4(6):E-8, 2009.

Swine flu and pork-derived desiccated thyroid products: Is there reason for concern? Editorial by Dr. John C. Lowe, Editor-in-Chief, Thyroid Science, April 27, 2009.

The common thread: What the new research shows. Jackie Yellin. Thyroid Science, 3(3):E1-2, 2008.

Redefining hypothyroidism—a paradigm shift. Dr. Bo Wikland. Thyroid Science, 3(1):E1, 2008.

"Subchemical hypothyroidism”: Autoimmune thyroid disease that eludes detection by standard laboratory tests. Dr. John C. Lowe. Thyroid Science, 2(9):E1, 2007.








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