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How to Submit Manuscripts

| Submission Method | Cover Letter | Recommended Reviewers | Authors Guidelines |

Submission Method. Please submit manuscripts and related graphics to us by email: Also, please read our Authors' Guidelines and prepare your manuscript accordingly.

We will notify the authors that we have received the manuscript. We prefer that authors provide an email address by which we can communicate with them. However, a snail mail address will suffice if authors do not use email.

After we receive a manuscript, we will submit it to one or more reviewers for review,  criticisms, and suggested corrections if the reviewers recommend publication of the manuscript. We will submit the comments of the reviewers to the author(s). Some recommendations for revisions may be accepted or rejected by the author, but others may be required. However, changes to the manuscript that are necessary for it to fit the format requirements of Thyroid Science will be required.

If we accept the manuscript for publication, we will email our Copyright Transfer Agreement to the author(s). The author must fill out and sign the form before publication. If the manuscript was authored by more than one author, each author must fill out and sign a copy of the form and return it to Thyroid Science by fax (303-496-6200) or email ( So that authors can review the

Cover Letter. Send a cover letter with your manuscript submission that includes the following:

(1) Title of the manuscript,
(2) full names of the all authors,
(3) the email and snail mail address of the author we should correspond with,
(4) a statement to the effect that the manuscript is not being considered for publication by any other publication, 
(5) the file names and format of electronically submitted files and figures, and
(6) the email and snail mail addresses as well as the phone numbers of at least two people the author or authors consider appropriate referees to critique and evaluate the manuscript.

Send the cover letter with the manuscript. If submitted by snail mail, authors must send three copies of the manuscript.

Recommended Reviewers. For all types of submissions except letters and short debate notes, we request that the author recommend reviewers who are not on the International Review Board of Thyroid Science. If possible, the author should recommend two to four reviewers.

The recommended reviewers should be people whom the author or authors believe to be knowledgeable in the subject of the paper and qualified to critique the paper's contents. The purpose for authors recommending reviewers is to avail themselves of people they consider best qualified to help, through their critiques, improve the merits of the paper. The reviewers recommended should not work in the same facility as the author or authors, but work in other institutions, practices, cities, states, or countries.

It is not essential that the author or authors recommend reviewers. When reviewers are not recommended, Thyroid Science review board members will be asked to conduct the reviews. Recommending reviewers is suggested, however, because it is likely to hasten the review process and publication of the paper.

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